Yogapal and the Service Mindset

Yogapal and the Service Mindset

A company that wishes to go beyond simply delivering a product or service is said to have a service mindset.  To achieve this it has to care about the experience of all of its internal and external customers, prospects, potential stakeholders and local community and it must work to continuously enhance it.  At Yogapal, we strive for service over success.



We are at full employment in the jobs market and skills shortages create further challenges for employers, it is wise for management to engender a service mindset approach internally across their organisations, but in a way that reaches external stakeholders and the whole community.  Opportunities must be created where internal clients, external clients and local communities see and feel the service mindset of the company at every juncture.


Well-being programs are ideally placed to engender and deliver a service mindset.   Inclusion of charity work and charity events among the package of well-being benefits and offerings goes some way towards supporting the mental health and well-being of employees.  It also provides a chance to shift our thinking away from striving, achieving and succeeding and towards fostering a service mindset.




  • In service of others we temporarily forget our cares, concerns and worries;
  • We start to notice that some of our own issues aren’t so life threatening after all;
  • Regular charity work creates space in our minds to view our own lives differently;
  • Gratitude levels rise as we return to our lives more content with our lot;
  • We experience personal freedom as we give to others with no goals or outcomes.



There are many charities who rely solely on the public for support and donations, e.g.

Feed Our Homeless meet in Dublin City and deliver tea, sandwiches, men’s clothing and female hygiene items several evenings ever week.  They rely on donations and can be found at

Dogs Aid are always in need of volunteer support to help walk, feed and play with neglected and abandoned animals.  Helpers must be over 18.


Yogapal – because we care.



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