Outdoor yoga and unpredictable Irish summers are not always the easiest of bed-fellows generally speaking.  This year however, yoga in the park has probably enjoyed more of a moment, between the showers, than ever due to COVID.  Attendees tend to bring their own mats, especially these days and social distancing is usually quite possible.  For me, the ideal conditions are a mild, preferably southerly breeze, slightly cloudy conditions and not too much sun.


Aside from the usual benefits of yoga, being outdoors really enhances the experience for the practitioner too:


  • Fresh air supports our pranayama practise;
  • Grounding is enhanced from being physically closer to the earth thus supporting stability;
  • Being outside improves our connection to nature;
  • Yoga out of doors increases our energy levels and vitality;
  • Vitamin D from sunlight supports our calcium levels, strengthening our bones.


Yoga In The Park


What’s not to like 🙂

Om Shanti.