We hear a lot about how yoga can help us manage our anxiety levels.  Deep down we all have a sense of peace and calm that we were born with, unfortunately, life and the hustle and bustle of living gets in the way every day.  Let’s examine four ways that a regular yoga practice can help you find your inner calm:


  1. Practitioners learn to get a sense of the space they physically occupy and own that space leading to greater confidence.
  2. Yoga gives us a greater awareness of our physical, emotional and breath bodies with every movement in and out of the pose harnessing our breath, helping us to connect deeper with ourselves.
  3. We learn to accept our physical limitations when we begin, over time we start to employ the right effort to find ease and comfort.  This process of acceptance helps us to practise letting go in other areas of our lives.
  4. Observer practice in meditation allows us to become acquainted with thought patterns and mental loops which can dog us and block us from happiness.   We learn to watch the fluctuations of the mind without getting involved.


Over the course of a number of years of yoga practice, we connect more deeply with our inner resources and our true selves.  We come to realise that in the current moment, which is all we have, that all is truly well.


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