Ireland is 16th place on the Happiness Index, Finland are at number one for the second year in a row and thereafter the Nordic countries are doing best.  The United Nations Happiness Report puts us ahead of Germany, France and the US at 16th place, which is not too shabby in a survey of 156 countries.


Our culture is changing, we still have a long way to go, but we are slowly becoming a more diverse, accepting and inclusive society and thanks to recent referenda and legislation we are also experiencing greater freedoms and choices.


If the term happy means – ‘showing or feeling pleasure or contentment’ how then do we be happy? Is it as elusive as it seems? When we look at this first, it may seem like happiness is a skill or set of skills, but when certain small things are employed gently and consistently, we will probably realise that we are naturally happy all along:


Happiness Skills


  • Regular mindfulness practice can bring us to the realisation that right now in this current moment we have everything we need and thus can be  happy:


  • A regular practice of gratitude journaling can awaken the good stuff and engender a happiness habit;


  • Developing a noticing habit of one’s thoughts and letting the less pleasant ones go makes space for happiness to rise up and dominate the thought landscape;


  • Regular Social Media breaks are especially helpful, algorithms are working hard to create discontent so that we will spend to fill the happiness void with purchases and services;


  • Move more – walk, run, take a class, shake some of the adrenalin out of the system and release the physical constraints of the day;


  • Meet old friends, minimise reliance on emails, texts and messaging, catch-up without phones, face to face and engage;


  • Go outside and tune into the source of life, nature and beautiful things.


Right now, here in this very moment, all is truly well.


Yogapal – because we care.


Grainne Toher – Founder of Yogapal and Still Mind.