The Journey from the Head to the Heart

The Journey from the Head to the Heart

A body that moves mindlessly can’t feel very much.  A mind that is crammed full of noise struggles to sense into the body.  A life lived without conscious attention to the breath, can cause a person to struggle to be happy or effective.

There are many ways in to the heart.  Some get there through physical means such as yoga posture work, fitness or pilates, whereby the physical exertion literally removes the body/mind debris of daily life, restoring a sense of peace and oneness.  Others journey inwards by attending fully to the breath, letting go of the breath and realising that they are ‘being breathed’ by something greater or bigger than themselves.  Practices which afford us the ability to fully experience the current moment, help us to filter out the noise of the mind and separate the true from the false.

Whichever discipline you choose, to begin a journey inward, be it Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness or Meditation, do treat yourself once in a while.  For therein lies a delightful Sanctuary, your True Self, your Inner Resources, whatever you believe in – a restful place where you will find all your own answers.

Anything or anyone else in your life is just a bonus.


Yogapal – you’ll feel the difference.


Grainne Toher, Author of Breathe and Bloom, Founder Yogapal and Still Mind.

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