Breathe & Bloom Book

breathe and bloom book

Breathe and Bloom is my personal yoga memoir which details my journey from physical and mental discomfort to my recovery towards a place of ease and peace.

Breathe and Bloom Book

Chair and Desk Yoga E-Book

chair yoga

I created this e-book to support those who spend a lot of time sitting, to help relieve them from tightness.  It contains safe yoga poses and stretches that I practice and enjoy myself with the support of a chair.  It contains a special chapter on yoga fundamentals.

Chair and Desk Yoga E-Book


Yogapal boxer back tshirt

Our Yogapal store contains our high-quality branded vests, t-shirts, blankets and more, all carefully curated to support your home practice.


Still Mind App

Still Mind Logo

Still Mind app is our very own Irish Mindfulness and Meditation app created to support your mental health.  I have filled the app with my own guided meditations and mindfulness practices to soothe you, to nurture you and to help you enjoy the current moment more fully.  Follow the links and then enter your details at the prompt to download our Irish app.  Enjoy the bliss.

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