Setting yourself up for virtual Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness at home

Setting yourself up for virtual Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness at home

We are still discovering what a new reality will look like as we navigate the corona virus crisis.  One thing’s for sure, taking exercise and practicing mindfulness from the safety and comfort of your own home is likely to form some part of it.

Here are some pointers:

If you have an injury, do call your physician if you are taking up a physical virtual program and follow the physician’s advice in the first instance;

Wear breathable, comfortable clothing to your virtual sessions that allows ease of movement and comfort;

Ensure your practice space is well lit, well heated and well ventilated;

A good quality mat is key, special physio mats are available for pilates and a chair provides good support for long periods of mindfulness or meditation;

Bring a blanket or cushion which you may need for support and safely install a candle out of reach, for atmosphere;

Keep the practice area free from clutter, leads or any equipment that may cause a trip or a fall;

Ask family or housemates if you can be undisturbed for the duration, or if you prefer, ask them to join you;

If you can, place the phone on airplane mode during the session;

Mute the speaker when you join so that teacher cues are heard and not obscured by any possible background noises;

Pay special attention to alignment, breath and core cues for support and injury prevention;

Most of all enjoy your practice and enjoy the break from the challenges of the corona virus.


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