Clients often ask how pilates and yoga differ.  To a newbie, they both look quite similar in practice and in photographs, so how do we tell them apart?

Pilates is mainly concerned with improving the strength of the core muscles.  It also works on toning muscles, body control and flexibility.

Yoga focuses on a broader range of muscle groups, but most teachers will agree, yoga practice should have some element of core work in it for client safety.  Yoga makes you more flexible, improves balance and stamina and is inherently spiritual.

The benefits of pilates are many e.g. it supports joint mobility, improves posture and increases overall flexibility.  Pilates core work decreases the likelihood of injury.

Yoga also offers muscle strength and flexibility whilst improving circulation and decreasing inflammation.  Practitioners also learn to manage anxiety and enjoy relief from stress through the breathwork and relaxation practices of yoga.

Both disciplines complement each other, so if you are wondering which one is for you, why not give them both a try?  In my own experience, Pilates will rebuild you physically from the inside out whilst yoga will make you feel strong and flexible all over.

Yours in health.