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Breathe & Bloom

breathe and bloom book

A body/mind teacher since 2012, I have just published my second book – Breathe and Bloom – which describes my journey of physical and mental discomfort to my recovery towards a place of ease and peace.

Breathe and Bloom

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Welcome to our brand new Yogapal Store. Our new store is filled with specially designed merchandise in line with our brand values, to support your Yoga and/or Meditation practice.


Still Mind App

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Still Mind is Ireland’s Mindfulness – Meditation app. It contains recordings to support you at home and at work. Available for only 9.99 on Google Play or at

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Yogapal Online Studio

Always wanted to try yoga but cant find a class or venue to suit your schedule or your location, our online studio is the place for you. Feeling unfit or stressed and wanting to make a change? Then check out our Yoga Online Program today at the following link.


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Would you like to master your breath, refine your alignment, strengthen your core or just deepen your practice, then a private class is the thing for you. Feeling out of shape but don’t know where to begin or maybe you would like to be guided into a meditation tailored just for you, our Private Class service is the perfect option. Choose from yoga, pilates, mindfulness or meditation. Private classes are for 1 or 2 persons. Book now on the Private Class button at the following link.

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Still Mind Online MBSR Program

To complement our app, our CPD Standards accredited Still Mind Online MBSR Program details the physiology of the stress response and how to support ourselves and our clients to maintain and enjoy the relaxation response so that we can all live fuller, happier and more mindful lives. Content is geared towards beginners but also those with an existing practice who wish to inform, support and deepen their experience. There are techniques and resources sections to equip teachers and instructors with the skills to deliver a quality mindfulness offering to their clients, students and audiences.

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