Recently, l reached out to yogis, students and teachers with a series of questions about online yoga versus face to face classes and here is what I found out.


Online Yoga Classes


Have we welcomed the growth of Online Teaching?

85% of those surveyed have welcomed online teaching as part of the new normal while the remainder finds it challenging and although they have adapted as necessary, 15% look forward to a return to more face to face teaching and contact hours in studios.


How are we connecting over technology with students?

77% of respondents see online teaching in a positive light and as the way forward in the new normal and into the future. 3% of people decided online wasn’t for them whilst the balance (20%), though still preferring face to face have adapted and found new ways to teach and connect creatively with their audiences.  It was noted by several teachers that some of their students really love being in their homes during class.


Do teachers prefer online teaching to face to face classes?

20% of teachers prefer online classes as it helps them with work/life balance.   54% of teachers love the combination of both online and face to face teaching as online now provides new revenue streams and gives both them and their students a sense of comfort and safety.  The remaining 26% prefer face to face teaching and welcome more of that.


New methods of connecting with students (some brand new) over technology

32% of teachers log in between 5 and 15 minutes before class to have a chat and see how their audience is feeling.   37% of respondents report using the names of students much more during class and addressing them personally.  22% noted they used Social media and feedback forums after class to nurture student relationships. 9% mentioned that they use the chat boxes within Webapps during class for two way support.


Health and Safety

89% of teachers who reverted on health and safety stated that they continue to remind students that are responsible for their own safety at the other end of the camera.  5% of respondents noted offering multiple options during an online class.  6% mentioned changes to their terms and conditions arising from COVID in the face to face classes.


Has our self-practice changed?

32% of people note that their home practice hasn’t changed, with one respondent noting its naturally evolving nature anyway, whilst another 39% note that it has improved for the better.  The remainder of people (29%) would love to have more time for self-practice, which they hope will be possible with the return to school for children.


Have we missed people or are we enjoying our own company more?

41% of us have enjoyed this COVID time as a great opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and reconnect with ourselves.  24% love our own company and have grown to appreciate the company of others more when we can enjoy it, whilst the remainder (35%) have really missed people and the positive impact that being around people has in our lives.


Stay well and safe.

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