Nudge Theory

Nudge Theory

Bringing about behavioural change to your organisation can be a tricky and costly enterprise.  Imposing rules to create organisational change can work, but employees may feel dissatisfied or disengaged with the process.  Nudge theory operates on the belief that small changes can bring about a significant impact on human behaviour.

Whilst influential, nudging doesn’t force a particular behaviour, instead it creates a set of options that allow people to explore and ‘opt-in’ for better personal, health, social and environmental choices.

Here are a few Nudge quick wins:

Many of your staff will wish to avail of pension plans, can they decide to ‘opt-in’ for attendance at a financial health workshop when they sign up to a pension;

Likewise when engaging your staff onto a benefits plan, you can ask them to consider completion of an organ donor card at the same sitting, saves time and can save lives too;

In your canteen and food areas, positioning the healthier food options in more prominent places, makes it harder for employees to seek out the unhealthy ones;

Setting up nudge notifications in your Line Management and HR internal databases for employee related matters, will cut down on the manual and personal chasing that is often commonplace;

Positive and growth mindsets are more pleasant cultures for people to inhabit.  Leading with our own correspondence, when we are messaging either by email or text, we can do a quick review replacing any negating/pessimistic language e.g. don’t, just, problem, only, no, not, never and sorry, with allowing, inclusive, open, ‘can-do’ style phrasing;

Teams are changing and workplaces too, many companies now offer remote working and part-time hours.  To encourage team building in these environments, simple placement of water-coolers and hot-drinks machines in the busiest communal areas will encourage the chat, banter and human to human connection that we all enjoy.

We don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step……


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