Mindfulness Tips

We continue to live in uncertain times, with many elements of it, still not within our control as we emerge from Covid lock-down.  Normally the stress hormones – adrenalin and cortisol – keep us safe from danger in daily life, of late this cocktail of hormones, has had us on higher alert, as we deal with real stressors in our homes, surroundings and work.  News headlines abound, along with viral clips of social distancing being openly flouted, talk of further outbreaks and flu epidemic predictions.  It’s little wonder that insomnia, stress and anxiety levels are on the rise.  Mindfulness can give your mind a rest.

Here are 3 simple mindfulness tips to consider

  1. Check in on your thoughts. One thought leads to another – as we move on, at times still fuelled by adrenalin and cortisol, a life with mindless covid related thinking and future tripping will be characterised by misery.  Instead, practice checking-in on your thoughts, at regular intervals each day, notice the thoughts which are most prevalent and the ones determining your mood, observe the thoughts as you go about your business and then let them all go.
  2. Connecting to an awareness of your breath is powerful – this awareness of watching the inhale entering and the exhale leaving creates a bridge between the body and the mind so that we can experience the current moment fully and take a break from worry.
  3. Practice a full body-scan.  We are sitting more these days – next time, come to a sense of the ground underneath your feet, sense the feeling of your clothing against your feet, legs, torso, back and arms.  Feel where the seat bones and your spine are held by the chair, scan your way all along the body from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head.  You are guaranteed to forget about yesterday and tomorrow for these few moments and be present to your physical self in this practice.  Try this at least twice a day.

That’s it for the mindfulness tips for today. More coming soon.

Our ‘Sensing Into’ mindfulness clip is available below – enjoy the practice.

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Grainne Toher, Founder of Yogapal and Still Mind App.