Mindfully dealing with the Covid Pandemic

Mindfully dealing with the Covid Pandemic

The initial shock of the Covid pandemic has passed and the lock-down has been in place for a while now.  At first, the human part of me rebelled heavily against the idea of being housebound and having my personal freedoms curtailed, yet common sense and fear of contagion prevailed and won over.

Thankfully my own regular home and virtual Yoga and Mindfulness practices and classes had gone some of the way in helping me to prepare my body and mind for the flexibility and resilience needed for the massive almost overnight changes that were to come.

The world has gotten very busy, there is a scramble to connect and if you are a business owner to have a presence online, this creates its own noise, anxiety and stresses.  With the amygdalas in our brains firing more than ever right now, how do we stop the future-tripping and catastrophising amid a very real crisis?  How do we make good business, work, family and personal decisions and discerning choices? How do we take the long view whilst we try to live each day or each moment at a time. The situation is not easy, but managing and sustaining ourselves involves some simple daily things, practiced gently but consistently.

I have gone back to basics and here are some simple things I try to practice which create space for intuitive action:

-Keep a journal, it will help you to remove yourself from feeling overwhelmed and train you to become the objective observer of your mood, feelings and thoughts, giving you back control over the controllables;

-Avoid trying to tackle and fix all the big issues in your life right now, getting through this moment by moment, healthily and relatively contentedly will be a sufficient win;

-If you must make a to-do list, only pop on a few things that really matter, there will always be stuff to do;

-Find a quiet chair somewhere in your home or garden and just simply connect with your breath once a day;

-Return to the quiet chair once a day and sense into your whole body from the feet all the way up to the crown of the head, clip below:

-At the close of each day, reflect and recall the lovelier moments, there are bound to be one or two, e.g. an unexpected laugh, a phone call from an old acquaintance, the banana bread you perfected (Go You!), or even a moment where you noticed nature and so on.

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Yours in service.


Grainne Toher

Yogapal and Still Mind




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