Getting Out Of Our Own Way

Getting Out Of Our Own Way

Just what does being in our own way mean? And just how do we do stop?

When we are in our own way, our habits, personalities, feelings and behaviors hinder our usefulness, contentment, growth and success.

When we are passionate and heavily invested in a project, outcome or position on a personal level, that thing may become all about us and less about the thing itself.

We might find that we are unnecessarily fighting fires and trying to overcome obstacles on a continual basis.

So how do we overcome this?  Well, it’s not an overnight switch, its a process, but here are some quick wins to help you make your beginning.


8 Quick wins

  • Remember why you initially took on a role or started a project:
  • Refocus your mind on the key deliverables;
  • Revisit the needs of your stakeholders;
  • Observe your breath, it will help you to achieve more clarity and focus;
  • Pause and take breaks;
  • Move to change things up – take a walk or practice some yoga postures;
  • Make time for self-reflection to gain a greater perspective on your life;
  • Lighten up and let go of any drive for perfection.


Grainne Toher, Author of Breathe and Bloom and Director & Founder of Yogapal and Still Mind.

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