These beginners yoga practices and yoga tips are suitable for all ages and abilities.

  1. The increasing speed of modern technology, all day zoom meetings, hours spent sitting at the desk or kitchen table can take their toll.  Add to that the general pace at which we expect each other to react now can cause tempers to ignite and reactions to be harsh.  Yoga breathing can help. We place full attention on the exhale, following it all the way out of the body right to the end, noticing where the navel draws in.  This will help our responses, actions and reactions to come from a centred place grounded in personal power.
  2. Busy homes which have doubled up as remote working environments can keep us caught up in our minds with little sense of time, our whole environment and the physical space that we occupy.  A continued practice of fully placing both feet on the ground, then actively seeking out the feeling of the floor underneath will take us out of our heads and descend our energy downwards so that we can operate from a more grounded and secure place.
  3. Much of our working day may be currently being spent perched on the edge of our kitchen or remote-office chair.  Our shoulders brace and grip whilst we sit, poring over documents and reading our email.  Sometimes we take calls, gripping the receiver between one shoulder and side of the head.  Fully using all parts of the chair to both cup all of the curves of our spine and support the backs of the legs will pay dividends for healthy alignment, full breathing and improved back health.
  4. In this age of digital, social and content media, life has got faster, more reactive and less intuitive.  Practicing really seeking out the pause at the top of the exhale before the inhale starts will help us to respond more authentically to the events around us.  Noticing the pause can be practiced whilst walking around.

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Beginners Yoga

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