Guest blog by Aisling Foley*


Most companies, not just Yoga providers are not aware of the legal requirements when setting up a website.   Of course, you know it’s important to include a geographic address and phone number, but did you know that that is also a legal requirement? Even if you are offering online services, you must include an address.


Here are some other legal requirements you may not be aware of:


  1. Most of the time email addresses are included on websites. But sometimes organisations just include a contact form. That isn’t enough. Legally, an email address must be included. Also for the sake of your visitors, you should include an email address. Not everybody wants to complete a form. 
  2. Most people are not aware that company registration number, registered address, place of registration and VAT number should be included.
  3. If you are collecting data (perhaps via your contact form), you must have a privacy statement. This privacy policy must be easily found from all website pages. 
  4. If you are selling yoga classes online, you must display your terms and conditions and a complaint resolution link


We all hate the cookie banners we meet. Were you aware that new guidelines came into effect in October this year? They still must be included, but your visitors should have the option to choose which cookies they allow. And you must provide an accept or reject option – not just accept all. Here’s October 2020 information on Cookie regulations.


We don’t actually need a copyright notice, even though most of us use it. In Ireland, the act of creating a blog post or website creates copyright.


*About the author

Aisling Foley Marketing

Aisling Foley is a B2B Marketing Consultant with 25+ years’ international marketing experience specialising in technology and software.  She is based in Dublin, Ireland.