A spiritual experience could be considered to have occurred when a person awakens to a power other than themselves at work in their lives or in the lives of others.

This power is not necessarily a Deity or Entity outside of a person, it may also be an awakening to a deeper Inner Resource guiding things.

Is it an attractive pursuit? Yes I think so, not just for the sake of the experience itself, but accessing real power is very freeing.  Seeking a spiritual experience is probably akin to chasing a greasy hen around a farm yard, it can’t be held, owned or ever fully understood and it comes very often as a result of letting go.

Many of us have or will feel the weight and depth of our own powerlessness at certain times and will turn to a variety of sources and/or supports to access some degree of power to run our lives, some of these measures will be supportive and helpful, others will be quite the opposite.  Seeking out a degree of spirituality isn’t necessarily a lofty, pious or ‘other’ly ideal, it is often the last chance saloon of the desperate and hopeless.  Many books detailing the road to Damascus stories of well-known public figures fill the shelves and it’s terrific that they do.

Regular Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness afford the practitioner an ongoing technology to begin to wonder at the magic of the breath (a miracle in itself), to really appreciate the mechanics of the human body and most enjoyable of all, to practice accessing the True Self, your Inner Resources, God (whatever you believe in) whilst filtering the wheat from the chaff of the ‘always on’ ego mind.

The benefits are many:- clarity, focus, ability to fully experience many more current moments, wisdom, discernment, ability to make good decisions, emotional resilience to name but a few.


Grainne Toher, Director and Founder, Yogapal and Still Mind, Author of Breathe and Bloom.