Our recorded programs allow you to learn at your own pace.  You practice when time allows and repeat sections you enjoy or want to improve as you see fit.




Our complete Yoga recorded program contains 22 different lessons all delivered through mindful movement.  It is specially designed to suit your lifestyle, it contains a wide menu of breathing practices, sequences, movements and relaxation techniques that you can attend at your leisure, for as long as you have available and all at a time to suit your schedule.



Grainne Toher

Our complete Pilates recorded program comprises 13 separate sections, broken down by exercise category.  It is devised to fit neatly into your busy schedule, it contains the main principles of Pilates and a menu of the main pilates exercises, you can practice whenever you have any free time and fancy a workout.


MBSR Program

Deeper Connection

Our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program contains a library of resource, 29 items in all to enable you teach mindfulness based stress reduction to your populations.  It describes the Stress Response, the Human Condition and details how to trigger and maintain the Relaxation Response.  Program attendees will receive a complementary Chair and Desk Yoga e-Book.

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