Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] – is defined in broad terms as a company’s attempt to improve society in some way.

Why should a corporation be socially responsible? Well, why wouldn’t they?  If a corporation is not delivering and creating services and products that serve the long term needs of the people and communities in which they operate what are they actually doing anyway? And how long will they really endure?

How can CSR can serve society?

Environmental and sustainability initiatives – In our era of climate change and pollution, manufacturing companies need to be looking towards becoming circular business models that reduce, reuse and recycle.  All corporations need to be fostering these reduce, reuse and recycle policies from the ground up.

Direct Donations – Companies can apportion a budget to give back to communities, charities and initiatives that align with their core values and they can introduce employee donation matching.

Ethical Business Practices – Employers need to increasingly ensure that their business comply with employment laws, companies acts and corporate governance to protect their employees, their families and all stakeholders.

Economic Responsibility – Local industries and communities must feel the benefits of the organisation on an economic, social and community level.




How can CSR serve your employees?

Many of your employees are likely already socially and environmentally quite aware.  The digital age has brought a huge societal shift of awareness of climate change problems, environmental issues and it has helped champion the many needs and struggles of our diverse populations and minorities.

In order to engage employees fully, I believe that CSR must be right at the very core of a company’s values and it’s raison d’etre, our switched on and always on workforce will know instinctively when it’s not.

With CSR right at the very core of a company and fully embedded into the mission statement and upwards into employee initiatives and wellness programs, there is holistic and systemic approach to the health of all employees, their families, their communities and all stakeholders from the bottom up and equally from the top down.

Years ago, the old way was to perhaps do a charity day or two a year and tick that box quickly before the annual review.  A newer thought instead, might be to consider the well-being benefits for a whole team of physically leaving the phones and devices in the office and completely self-forgetting on a charity fund-raising day.  Or for your teams or individuals to relish the utter mindfulness of being completely absorbed in a task like tending a garden for a community group or cooking in the kitchen of a busy homeless shelter.

The wellness benefits are inherent when we give and want nothing back, this type of giving, allows the giver a break from the self, generates good will and engenders generosity of spirit and energy among all involved. Wellness programs delivered through this lens thus continue as part of ongoing employee support contributing to the whole human being and everyone within their world inside and outside of work.


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