Yogapal Core Values

Yogapal Core Values 2018-11-21T11:53:19+00:00
  • The Yogapal team feel valued and are paid fairly and equitably.

  • Our service providers connect on a ‘Human to Human’ level with all stakeholders.

  • We ALWAYS show up to a booked event.

  • Our people arrive with sufficient time to set up and deliver optimal service.

  • Yogapal provides premium quality, professional and commercial teaching.

  • The team is trained to the best quality.

  • Our members are teachable and open to new learnings.

  • The Offering is always professional, well-informed, safe and fun.

  • We love what we do at Yogapal and our client feels that passion from start to finish.

  • We keep communication lines open between service providers and Yogapal operations.