what is mindfulness

Mindfulness practice – single point of focus

By |2020-07-31T17:56:19+01:00July 31st, 2020|Blog, meditation, Mindfulness, what is mindfulness|

When we purposefully focus our attention on a specific thing, our mind gradually quietens.  Mindfully gazing at a single object of focus has been a practice in Buddhist and [...]

Online Programs

By |2020-05-08T09:55:41+01:00February 8th, 2020|Anxiety, Blog, meditation, Mindfulness, Pilates, what is mindfulness, Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for neck pain, Yoga for Stress Relief|

There is no better time to sign up for an Online Yoga Program or an Online Pilates program.  Practice safely in your own time and your own space away [...]

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