Protecting your mental health during the covid virus

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As we continue on the Covid virus journey with every day bringing a new reality, it's more important now than ever that we take good care of our mental [...]

IIBN Newsletter Piece

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We were delighted that our Still Mind app was recently featured in the Irish International Business Network newsletter together with, to view the full article click here. To [...]

Online Programs

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There is no better time to sign up for an Online Yoga Program or an Online Pilates program.  Practice safely in your own time and your own space away [...]

The Journey from the Head to the Heart

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A body that moves mindlessly can't feel very much.  A mind that is crammed full of noise struggles to sense into the body.  A life lived without conscious attention [...]

Getting Out Of Our Own Way

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Just what does being in our own way mean? And just how do we do stop? When we are in our own way, our habits, personalities, feelings and behaviors [...]

When it comes to Mental Health stigma, do we need to tweak the conversation?

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October is Mental Health awareness month, many initiatives, events, trainings and projects are underway nationwide in corporate, community and local settings to develop positive awareness.  Organisations like See Change, [...]

Are we really that busy? 5 quick wins and some reflection

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When I find myself getting stressed these days, I realise that I have either a) overstretched myself, b) I'm overthinking things or c) that I have an inflated or [...]

Is the eternal drive for positivity and positive thinking increasing anxiety?

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You have heard the old adage ‘What we resist persists’.  Have you ever tried to force negative thoughts away and noticed that they come back louder and a little [...]

Who’s happy?

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Ireland is 16th place on the Happiness Index, Finland are at number one for the second year in a row and thereafter the Nordic countries are doing best.  The [...]