This week’s guest blog is from Lisa Kelly, founder of who has both personal and professional experience with the wellness industry.  She will share insights into a new way to connect with your clients online.  Connecting with your customer is important for any business but none more so for those of us involved in offering health and wellbeing products and services to our customers. To achieve success in our business means we need to earn customer trust, demonstrate a depth of understanding of their needs and be able to empathise with their issues. Only then have we earned the right to offer our help. In many cases it’s the simple fact we are owner-managers, working for ourselves that implies the intimacy and relationship that enables the trust our customers seek.  Le Gra, Grainne x


While most of us may have a website that contains details of what our businesses may be able to offer, the nature of a website, makes it difficult to cultivate the exclusivity and direct connection that really underlines the success of our businesses.  What may be the answer is a mobile app. The new breed of apps uses new technology which makes mobile apps very affordable, often costing hundreds, not thousands of Euros. It works using pre-coded modules which are “assembled” to provide different capabilities and functionality. 

Connection with your clients

It enables a deeper connection with your clients as your logo icon sits on their phones to let you be top of mind.  Customers can receive push notification messages and positive affirmations or daily yoga pose photos from you through the app too – almost creating a ‘digital intimacy’ with your business.  The app can incorporate everything about you online into one easy portal including your social media and your company website making it available to your clients on their phone, thus leveraging your existing investments, as well as complimenting it by adding other functionality that might be absent – like ‘Book online’ or ‘sell gift voucher’. It is fast to implement, usually less than 2 weeks. 

Developing the relationship

For your customer, this is about being able to purchase and access your branded and personalised digital content as an extension of their relationship with you. Businesses that have already made this move have integrated their apps with video platforms to deliver portable and remote “on-demand” Yoga classes for example. Others provide guided meditation programs through a convenient and branded channel or deliver access to a shop where product and content can be purchased directly. 

How an app can help

Look how apps like  “Headspace” and “Calm” have transformed the guided meditation and sleep therapy markets or how “Glofox” delivers customer fitness training using bespoke content, delivered using the subscription model.  While these examples may be global organisations, their apps still provide a personalised and intimate channel where the user can either lose themselves using a pair of earbuds or headphones, cocooned into a private world between them and the narrator or “cast” a Pilates video onto their living room TV for a one to one personalised training session between school drop off and pick up times.

How our apps are helping customers

This is not just for big business, this could be a game-changer for your business, here are three local examples of how we helped female entrepreneurs like you.  People like Grainne Toher, owner of the “Still Mind” app, who for a small annual subscription, delivers meditation and mindfulness sessions designed to complement her Yoga business.  This was one of the first meditation apps created here in Ireland!  Clients wanted to practice meditations with Grainne ‘at home’ after their classes and thus the app was born. Covid-19 has made it even more important to them. Her app also lets her clients purchase her books on Amazon and her merchandise from her YogaPal platform.

Check out well regarded Susi Lodola a CBT therapist and expert who often features on TV and in the media offering advice and who has launched a “Mind of Body” weight management app. This provides a value-add service to compliment the online course her client’s purchase.  It provides highlights of the course, recipes and makes it’s easier for participants to access and manage their interactive worksheets using their phone.

Karina Murray is founder of Aunua Academy (Aunua is an Irish play on the words ‘A NEW U!) which provides a virtual home for emotional health and wellbeing.  Their mission is to provide freely accessible resources to help support mental health for young people.  We collaborated with her to create a mobile app to provide a portal to videos and podcasts which feature meditation, all of which are now easily accessible  in one place – their phone 

In a world where physical proximity and contact, the basic tools used by the wellbeing industry, are not available for the foreseeable future due to Covid, we need to find new ways to connect and be in our customer’s lives.  What better than securing a place on their phone and being with them all day.  

Still Mind App

If you would like to know more about how an app can support your customers, contact Lisa of here.