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Grainne Toher

Grainne Toher discovered the highly transformative effects of meditation and mindfulness during a prolonged period of mental stress.  Suffering from chronic frozen neck, shoulders and back pain, I began to discover freedom and release through movement with the right type of effort using breath, posture work, stretching and core control.

A qualified body/mind teacher since 2013 (apprenticing through 2012), I have completed 500 hrs of Yoga teacher training. I am a registered, accredited and insured member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, and I am a fully qualified Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor.  I have developed a suite of services across a variety of media to support you on your own body/mind journey.

I am delighted to be providing Pilates classes to the Dublin City Council initiative Holding it Together Apart. 

The second class is here:

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Om shantih


Grainne Toher Yogapal

Live Online Classes

Group Class

We currently host three Yoga and Mindfulness classes per week – Tuesdays at 8pm, Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 8pm. Our Yoga for Men class runs every Wednesday at 8pm.  All of our classes are available on a drop-in basis or with your 10 class pass.  Yoga increases physical and mental resilience and our classes comprise breathwork, lots of stretches, poses and sequences.  Yogapal classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and mindful movement underpins each one.  We teach yoga through mindfulness to enable attendees to fully experience the current moment.  Each class concludes with a soothing and reviving relaxation.

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Private Class

Book a private online class with us today, choose from Mat Yoga, Mat Pilates, Chair Yoga, Barre Workout, Meditation or Mindfulness.  Or talk to us about combining a few of these options for a nicely rounded session.  Suitable for 1 or 2 persons practicing together.

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On Demand


Our complete Yoga recorded program contains 22 different lessons all delivered through mindful movement.  It is specially designed to suit your lifestyle, it contains a wide menu of breathing practices, sequences, movements and relaxation techniques that you can attend at your leisure, for as long as you have available and all at a time to suit your schedule.

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Our complete Pilates recorded program comprises 13 separate sections, broken down by exercise category. It is devised to fit neatly into your busy schedule, it contains the main principles of Pilates and a menu of the main pilates exercises, you can practice whenever you have any free time and fancy a workout.

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MBSR Program

Our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program contains a library of resource, 29 items in all to enable you teach mindfulness based stress reduction to your populations.  It describes the Stress Response, the Human Condition and details how to trigger and maintain the Relaxation Response.  Program attendees will receive a complementary Chair and Desk Yoga e-Book.

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Buy Now

Drop In

All of our scheduled classes are available to book on a drop in basis for €8.50.

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10 Class Pass

Our ten class pass costs only €80. Our schedule changes regularly in response to consumer demand and we are adding new classes all of the time.

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Private Classes

Our private classes are suitable for one to two persons practicing together. Classes run for 60 minutes and cost €50. 5 Class Pass option also available.

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5 Class Pass

Talk to us about a five class pass today.  The 5 Class Pass is for private classes only, and costs €215.  Each class is one hour long and is specifically tailored for your needs.

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Breathe & Bloom Book

Breathe and Bloom is my personal yoga memoir which details my journey from physical and mental discomfort to my recovery towards a place of ease and peace.

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Chair and Desk Yoga E-Book

I created this e-book to support those who spend a lot of time sitting, to help relieve them from tightness. It contains safe yoga poses and stretches that I practice and enjoy myself with the support of a chair. It contains a special chapter on yoga fundamentals.

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Our Yogapal store contains our high-quality branded vests, t-shirts, blankets and more, all carefully curated to support your home practice.

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Still Mind App

Still Mind app is our very own Irish Mindfulness and Meditation app created to support your mental health.  I have filled the app with my own guided meditations and mindfulness practices to soothe you, to nurture you and to help you enjoy the current moment more fully.  Follow the links and then enter your details at the prompt to download our Irish app.  Enjoy the bliss.

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