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I discovered the highly transformative effects of meditation and mindfulness during a prolonged period of mental stress. Suffering from chronic frozen neck, shoulders and back pain, I began to discover freedom and release through movement with the right type of effort using breath, posturework, stretching and core control. A body/mind teacher since 2012, I have developed a suite of services across a variety of media to support you on your own body/mind journey.

Yogapal® – Because we care


Yogapal is our preferred panel of insured, skilled and professional industry experts. Our sole mission is to support your wellness goals.

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Breathe & Bloom

A body/mind teacher since 2012, I have just published my second book – Breathe and Bloom – which describes my journey of physical and mental discomfort to my recovery towards a place of ease and peace.

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Still Mind

Still Mind is Ireland’s first meditation app, created and developed here in Ireland.  Our app content has been curated to deliver a set of accessible tools and simple techniques to you, so that you can enjoy increasing moments of peace, calm and joy.

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Still Mind Training

To accompany our Still Mind app, we have developed a face to face training program to support and create mindful communities, workplaces and educational facilities. Our training will equip your Still Mind Local Champions to deliver short mindfulness and meditation sessions locally and in-house as required in a one-to-one or a group setting. This program is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK.

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