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I discovered the highly transformative effects of meditation and mindfulness during a prolonged period of mental stress.  Suffering from chronic frozen neck, shoulders and back pain, I began to discover freedom and release through movement with the right type of effort using breath, posturework, stretching and core control.  A body/mind teacher since 2012, I have completed 500hrs of YTT training and I am an insured, fully qualified Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor.  I have developed a suite of services across a variety of media to support you on your own body/mind journey.


Yogapal Online Studio

Always wanted to try yoga? Well there is no better time.  Feeling unfit and stressed and want to make some changes?  Sign up for our Online Yoga Program today!

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Yogapal Pilates Program

Our Pilates Online Course outlines the principles, alignment, breath and core basics and the main Pilates Exercises. Sign up at the following link.

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Still Mind Online MBSR Program

To complement our app, our CPD Standards accredited Still Mind Online MBSR Program explains in detail the physiology of the stress response and how we can develop and maintain the relaxation response, so that our clients and ourselves can live fuller, happier and more mindful lives.  Program participants are equipped with a comprehensive library of recordings and reading materials.

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Book Virtual Class

Would you like to master your breath, strengthen your core or just deepen your practice, then a private virtual class is the thing for you. Feeling out of shape but don’t know where to begin or maybe you would like to be guided into a meditation tailored just for you, our Virtual Class service is the perfect option. Choose from yoga, pilates, mindfulness or meditation. Book now on the Virtual Class button at the following link.

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Still Mind

Still Mind is Ireland’s Mindfulness – Meditation app.  It contains recordings to support you at home and at work.  Available for only 9.99 on Google Play or at www.stillmindapp.com

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Yogapal Store

Welcome to our the Yogapal Online Store which is filled with specially designed merchandise, to support your practice and make your home more comfortable.

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Breathe & Bloom

A body/mind teacher since 2012, I have just published my second book – Breathe and Bloom – which describes my journey of physical and mental discomfort to my recovery towards a place of ease and peace.

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Chair Yoga E-Book

Our Chair and Desk Yoga Guide is designed to provide relief from tightness for those who spend a lot of time sitting. It contains safe yoga postures and stretches to help ease tension and release tightness in the body. A special yoga fundamentals chapter is also included.

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